Spec sucks

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Trump is our new president so now you must bow down to him.  Personally we predicted it but spec was caught out like everyone else they all go to work at the new york LIMES so you know that they are bad anyways.  What is wrong with spec they are scared like dumb UFC bitches are scared of my man who took down pacqiao that loser.  I am back gettting my degree at columbia but this time we are ruled by trump so maybe it will be better 😉

Trump would hate spec because spec sucks and he is a man of discerning taste.  A man with character like you bozo spec scum wouldnt know about.  You are too busy worrying about your gpa to see the new caeser rise up to rule us.  I am happy that the chickens are coming home to roost so we will see if columbia is a safe space!

Obama didn’t care about spec and trump will not either because you are nothing a dot on the map you are nothing but dust in the wind ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

In conclusion spec never had a chance but we must give them a chance because that is like bullying the disabled.

dum spec

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Why dont ppl protest spec

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there are many reasons why people get upset like in 1969 during the summer of lovfe and protest.


columbia today there was a protest.  There are many protests about jail but not spec.  I think if more people protested spec then it would go away.  That is the power of the peoples voice being heard.  America is a great country but it is not as great as it once was.  If you  ask too maybe they will listen!

does anyone think that statue looks like apsirder?

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i don’t think it looks like a nude woman.  I think it looks like a spider robot.

Specsucks podcast 4

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the fight continues soldier on soldier

NOTE: All the older specsucks podcasts have been reuploaded and can be viewed on this blog.  Apparently the FBI took down our podcast hosting for spec but we will never be stopped!!!


Spect is rekt

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What do you expect, spect is rekt and who is next.  the spectsux is vectorious and will hecktle them until they are a spect of dust.  we chopped off their neckt and deckt them and now they wept cuz they were inept.  no longer will they lecture all of columbia!!!


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What is the struggle against good and evil like I struggle against spec.  Evil must be defeated but once evil is gone will the good become the evil?  What is even reality like could it not be real?  These are topics that I grasped with in CC.  I am still haunted by them every day.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it.  Because maybe spec is only a homunculus in my brain.   What is meaning in defeating spec if there is no meaning. or is man supposed to defeat Christ like Niche.    A great thinker in the mind columbia creates, but spec destroys,but I destroy the destroyer, so who will destroy the destroyer destroyer.  Maybe the USS William P Lawrence.  but he who destroys destruction is himself a creator and god of his own universe like  a pheonix from the flames.

Only history will tell the tale of a great man who stood up to the demon.  Till spec is ashes.  Till spec is ashes.