I was going to post a response to the people who are sucking up to the writing quality at spec, or the fact that a CERTAIN BLOG has deleted my comments in an act of overt CENSORSHIP. I will not name the comment or the blog, (but I might suggest fellow spect-haters to check out http://bwoguncensored.com/ for the full truth)

Instead, I will address a very real issue of FAKE BLOGS. It has recently come to my attention that in defense of their shitty writing, the spectator has established a COPYRIGHT-INFRINGING blog which STEALS content from the one-and-only original SPEC SUCKS blog, and twists my words to support the Spec agenda.  Rest assured, I would NEVER EVER endorse the spec, or even say it is mediocre!! It is ironic that the spec is getting away with INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THEFT, considering that it was only yesterday that the SOPA and the PIPA took down Wikipedia. I hope they are ashamed that they would so brazenly take away my words, and then turn them into lies about the spec. This violates my first amendment right to not have my free speech be libeled. I hope wordpress will do something about this. I am not going to tell you where to find these fake Bartey Crouches of blogs, because I don’t want to support them and their mission of stealing my readers with fake blogs.  (See, I can also make those stupid “literary allusions” that some people think makes the specs writing better than mine. They are not anything special).  Remember, if the first post isn’t on Thursday, December 22, 2011 AD, it isn’t the real thing.


One Response to “FAKE BLOGS”

  1. Contempt Constanza Says:


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