The Dark Cloak

Some may be asking about the identity of The Dark Cloak (among the other psuedonims he goes under).  I cannot confirm or deny his identity, but I can only say that he is a very mysterious man, and that his identity will only be revealed when the time is right.   He is like the Zorro of the Blogosphere, and he will bring justice where it is deserved.


Ps by the way the RIPOFF blog which is attacking me, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  I told you i have ALL THE INSIDE SOURCES.  I know you are from the SPEC.  And by the way, it is spelled Mayweather, IDIOT, and he would kick your ass if he saw you write his name that way.  And you are also stupid, because I only said Mayweather as an EXAMPLE that was not my point to try and get them to bring Mayweather to columbia!  Wow you are so stupid, but that makes sense, because you are from the SPEC which is STUPID.


Write a comment to show how the spec sucks.

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