Memes over content

So spectator thinks they can make another stupid article without me noticing.  Check out the super-terrible article Memes over Matter.

First lets start with the obivous:  what is that picture? well first off really stupid, but then I see it is just a stupid sketch by the Spec (why don’t you learn to draw real people?)

Then it is still bad (this is a direct quote):

For example, a series of intricate cave paintings in Lascaux, France, estimated to be over 17,000 years old, may depict dreams, visions, and instructions on ancient hunting practices.

Oh really, spec, they may have depicted dreams, visions, and instructions on ancient hunting practices?  Did you go ask the people who drew them?  Oh, no?  Well then did you read their biographies of the people who drew them? oh yeah thats right they have been  dead for a million years and they didn’t write anything.  So you’re telling me they basically pulled this idea out of their ass.  Well, I guess that makes alot of sense, considering spec pulls most of its content OUT OF ITS ASS.

Books like I SPY and Can You See What I See help children to associate images with words before they learn to read.

Oh this is great.  Why dont you tell me about more childrens books spec? thats exactly what I want to learn about.

And then you get this quote:

Matthew Carroll discusses the effects of these heavily pictorial websites, arguing that they “incentivize the prolific creation of low-investment, transient content dominated by ‘dumb images.’”

So great, basically just quote some meaningless technobabble, because you’re too lazy to come up with content, so you just use someone else’s quote to cover up the fact that you have nothing to say.

“Like” buttons and “repinning” don’t encourage the linguistic response that pictures should provoke.

Oh, I guess you do have some time to insert some purposely obfuscating language of your own. (OMG I guess I can do it too, spec.  Don’t think it makes you look smart).

But the stupidness of every sentence is not as much as the stupidness of the whole article. The spectator is claiming that there is a “Image Intelligence Problem”, but that is so obviously wrong because what about BLIND PEOPLE?  Does that mean all blind people are STUPID?  Oh yeah, did you forget that BLIND PEOPLE GO TO COLUMBIA??  do you think they might be even a little bit smart?  well then your whole article is obviously wrong.


One Response to “Memes over content”

  1. picture looker Says:

    pics = 1000 words suck on that spec

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