I am not sure what to do

Hello fellow spect-haters (I am a poet and I dont even knowit, lol).

I am looking at the poll today and I am not sure what to do about making a publication.  It seems the votes are too close for me to decide, but I am afraid my ENEMIES have manipulated the election.  I do not want anyone who is a SPEC-LOVER to vote in my poll, okay!  This is only for spect-haters because I am a spect-hater, and this blog is ONLY FOR SPECT-HATERS so if you dont hate the spec then you are stupid because the spec sucks but also go away because this blog is not for you!  i dont care if you like Floyd Mayweather (who is a good boxer, but he is NOT related to this blog).  If you think the spec is ok then you can GO AWAY!


6 Responses to “I am not sure what to do”

  1. nobody like you

  2. This blog post was very ok!!! I know that you are not talking about me when you say people who think spec is ok should go away because we are good friends. Help me beat Floe May O’Whether’s ass, he is a terribel BOXING GAMER!!!!! specisok.wordpress.com

    • I am not your friend! Go away, you don’t know shit about boxing! Your blog is a pathetic ripoff.

      • lol cool can I be in your next inter net pod cast? We will talk about how you and me are going to KICK FLOE O’MAYO WHETHER”S ASS together. specisok.wordpress.com

        NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: This post is a lie. It is kept up for historicalpurposes

  3. iMe Gusta specsucks! iNo me gusta specisok!

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