Spec LIES about Achmadinajad!

Spec is caught in a boldfaced lie about achmadinajad! He is not a republican you stupid spec!  why do you post lies??  The answer is not hard to see.  I will present the facts as they are known to me.

1.  the spec has lied about achmadinajad for their own benefit and are manipulating the people of columbia.  hey if he’s the president of iran why is he coming to columbia? yeah right.  just cause he does it once does not mean he is like columbias friend or something all he cares about is the money that we are paying him to speak.

2. The spec  is hiding the truth from everyone (this is obvious but why is spec so bad anyway, this is one of the questions which you can not answer like why are there babies or why does the sun go down every day at the exact same time.  the spec is just like the sun or a clock because they lie to you every time you read them even if it is a little thing like the article

Bollinger to hold fireside chat on NYPD surveillance which I do not know what it is lying about but it probably is because it is easier for the spec to tell the truth but they lie anyway because they get a kick out of it.  Like sometimes they lie about dates or other times they lie about their lies to cover their lies.

3. I am watching the spec for a long time and it is finally time to strike while they are weak.  I have an inside source INSIDE the spec watching their every move from the inside and counting their every footstep.  I know what will happen before it happens.  I know what they will write before they will write.  and there are a legion of shadowy masks who are awaiting the spec to fall like it should.  Most of all I know the spec will suck before it does (but anyone can know that because the spec always sucks so you don’t need to by psychic to know that).

4. The bwog is only a pretender who is just as much a no-shower hate-truth group of liars as the spec.  They support the spec all along but lie to think they are not bollinger cronies. You cannot get the truth from bwog any more than you can get an A from Lit Hum so dont try.  The only source of the truth is the truth of the source, and specsucks.wordpress.com stands above all others when it comes to that.

5. There is nothing the CUCR can do to shut down my blog because I have FREEDOM of speech.  They will try too hard but will fail.

6. The only thing i love more than Columbia is the USA so anyone who says I am not a patriot can go read something stupid like the SPEC.

7.  Lerner Building is poorly architected.  I have thought this for a long time, but I never found the right place to say it on this blog, until now.

We will cover the news with a secret INSIDE SOURCE in an upcoming podcast which will show once and for all that the Spectator sucks.

Fellow spect-haters arise!  The time has come!  Spec is collapsing under the weight of our hate!


8 Responses to “Spec LIES about Achmadinajad!”


  2. Do you actually go to Columbia? I am starting to doubt it.

    • Well I am starting to doubt that *you* go to columbia. Did you even read my article??? bullet point number SIX is

      6. The only thing i love more than Columbia is the USA so anyone who says I am not a patriot can go read something stupid like the SPEC.

      • You can love Columbia without going here. Nice Ad Homanem. Btw you still haven’t answered his question.

      • Oh hey stupid “specisokay” guy. Very funny you can copy my words. Why dont you go back to your OWN blog where you copy my words?? AND I DID ANSWER HIS QUESTION SO WHY DID YOU COPY THAT PART THAT IS RETARDED. WHAT KIND OF RETARD WOULD THINK I LOVE COLUMBIA BUT DONT GO TO COLUMBIA? ONLY A SPEC WRITER WOULD BE SO DUMB.

  3. Actually, you didn’t answer it. And, FYI, I know very few people that go to Columbia and would use the word “retard”. I also don’t know anyone here with grammar as poor as yours.

    • I’m surprised that you dont know many people who would use the word retard, because everyone I know would use that word if they saw your writing. this is a fucking BLOG, not a fucking Paper I have to EDIT. and you have bad grammar yourself. (YEAH, BAD, not poor like a retard would say). So does that mean YOU dont go to columbia??!?! I BET I HAVE BETTER GRADES THEN YOU ANYWAY

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