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BREAKING NEWS: The Cloaked Mask Reveals His Identity!

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This day was meant to come, and I have been waiting for it for as long as I can remember.

I have a confession to make.

Hi, my name is Sam Aarons, and I am the Masked Cloak.  I’m not going to tell you my motivations for creating specsucks, but everything will come to light in due time.  This is all I am going to say.  If you ask me anything further about this, I will deny everything.




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I was just about to look at the spec today but then I was like “OH YEAH THEY ARENT PRINTING TODAY”

What losers.


BREAKING NEWS: Specsucks re-endorses Take5, DEMANDS that Take5 have 10% of its poster quota eliminated.

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Based on secret documents leaked to me from inside the CCSC election head quarters, I have discovered that if either the endorsing organization or the candidate announces an endorsement before it is approved by the election board, then the candidate is docked 10% of their poster quota.

Therefore, we Demand that Take5 have 10% of its poster quota eliminated, because we endorsed them previous to approval by the CCSC Election Czar.  In fact, the Bible tells us to forgive our enemies, and so to make absolutely certain they lose 10% of their poster quota, we are forgiving take5, and re-endorsing them RIGHT NOW, BEFORE ANY APPROVAL.  So therefore there is no excuse for them to not lose 10% of their poster quota, as we have NOT withdrawn our endorsement.

Of course, we still don’t want them to win.  So while we officially endorse take5, we still support Kiwi Crew 100%  (Well ignoring the current percentage of the Kiwi Crew which is spec writers, but I am assuming that they will be eliminated) and we want Kiwi Crew to win the election.  But, I repeat, we do not endorse Kiwi Crew yet (at least until the election board approves it).

I would invite other organizations to announce their endorsements for Take5 as well, to further reduce their print quota. If we can get 9 other prestigious organizations on bored, then we can successfully eliminate all of Take5’s poster quota, thereby virtually guaranteeing Kiwi Crews success.

p.s. @Kiwi Crew I am still waiting for you to expell all the spect writers from your group so I can endorse you.

Congratulations to Peter Sterne, our 10,000th visitor!

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I have been monitoring our visitors and I have been waiting till we get 10,000 visitors!  I want to say congratulations to out 10,000th visitor who has visited from Peter Sterne’s IP address!  So assuming that this is in fact Peter Sterne, congratulations!

As you are our 10,000th visitor we are super proud of you and we want to invite you to ditch the Bwog and join specsucks instead and you will become an Assistant Editor, a postition of power.  I have been watching you for a long time, and I am impressed with the work you have done to take down spec while you are at Bwog.  We have much room at specsucks and we are continuing to grow!  We know you can do better then bwog, so join us and make history!

BTW, Take5 still sucks.

Take5 BETRAYS specsucks, unfollows on twitter.

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Ladies and Gentle men, it is with sorrow in my heart that I inform you that specsucks has been betrayed by someone we trusted.  No it did not turn out that one of our spec informants was a double agent.  It was some one much closer, some one we thought we could rely upon.  Thats right.  At 2:34 EST, Take5 removed their tentative support for the specsucks campaign, unfollowing us on twitter.  (Btw, if you want to follow us on twitter to make up for this betrayal please do @spec_sucks).  After everything we have done to support the Take5 campaign, even working around dragonian restrictions by CCSC board leaders, and not officially endorsing them but still supporting them 100%.

Which is why spec_sucks unilaterally declares that we support the Kiwi Crew 100% (although of course we still don’t officially endorse them till they endorse us).  We only have one condition for our support, which is that they remove all spect-writers from their ballot.


Fight on, spect-haters!

EDIT: I realize that there are actually two conditions, the first obviously being the insertion of

Upon election, we hereby pledge under penalty of life or  limb to do all within our power to put an end to the so called “news paper” The Spectator.

Into their platform, but obviously that goes without saying.


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So spec is dumb and trying to trick you into thinking they were on the top of SIPA.  But its not true. They just took old pictures and photoshopped new things in.  For example look at this picture I found online from a year ago:

And then look at what they post on their website:

That is so obviously a photoshop.  They are so pretentous they even say

Just so you know that the picnic was up on the roof of SIPA. Believe me, I couldn’t have doctored that image even if I tried.

That is some kind of inside joke they are making.

Kiwi Crew is the worst thing to happen to Columbia since the spec

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I am not allowed to endorse candidates, but after a lengthy rousing conversation with Take5 campaign rep Ben X, I have been enlightened.  Although I can’t endorse Take5, I certainly can say without a glimmer of doubt in my soul, that Kiwi Crew is poison, and would not take any action against the spec if elected.  Therefore, I still do not explicity endorse Take5, but I certainly do command all my followers to vote for the alternative to Kiwi Crew.  If you hate the spec, you must hate Kiwi Crew too, because the spec has its grips on Kiwi crew. Arvin Ahmadi is an example of how the

Right now my list of things to hate at columbia is

  1. Spec
  2. Spec Sympathizers
  3. Kiwi Crew
  4. Bwog
  5. Occupy CU