Breaking News regarding Cu GeoP debacle.

The the shadowy mask is called shadowy for a reason.  An anonymous member of the spect-hater movement has tipped me off to relevant information which you will not find anywhere, even on wikipedia or google.

I can say with clarity in my heart that the CU GEOP is planning to expell two of their members for sending the email to the iranian terrorist dictator.  You would have been in the dark like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky until the Bwog or the Spec thought it would be okay to reveal.  Probably on Friday or something (lol like Rebecca Black).  They are first requesting that these two members resign (lol, like I requested the spect to resign from being a news paper) and then they will have a meeting or something and they will vote to impeach these two members from the board.  This reminds me of communism and it should remind you too, because they themselves have been calling it a “showtrial” in their so-called secret messages to each other. And I thought they were the patriotic Geop Party.  I hope for the sake of liberty that they do not get the three quarters they need of the votes.  They made the spec interesting (like to laugh at) for a change.

They are then planning to take the documents which are NO LONGER THE PROPERTY of these expelled board members.  They will not give them up without a fight!

only specsucks has the scoop.  I told you spec you are dumb, you dumb cow who does not get the article made first.  I have all the people in the inside places who will leak your stupdi stories.  Bwog is no better you are in bed with spec (which is GAY).

The Zorro of the bloggersphere strikes again!!!

EDIT:  An update from our source!  Our mysterious Spec insider tells us that the CUCR questioned the two board members previous to this upcoming action.  These two members answered questions but were being “uncooperative” in that they were not giving the whole story.  Also, the two board members are possibly expected to not show up to the upcoming CU GeoP meeting, for reasons which are unclear to the Shadowy Cloak currently.


8 Responses to “Breaking News regarding Cu GeoP debacle.”

  1. La revolucion esta aqui!!!!!!

  2. tuuufos Says:

    nashoba what up?

  3. nashoba what up?

  4. I hear you speak Japanese! Says:


  5. […] actually break the news that Spec was wrong and CUCR didn’t actually invite Ahmadinejad—specsucks did. It was becoming clear that the site was the work of more than just one well-informed person. […]

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