Specsucks Vindicated!

As the faithful spect-haters will *not* be surprised to hear, our early leak turns out to be correct after all!

Watch, as spec and bwog claim to be publishing “breaking news” thatIpublished almost a day before them!

That’s right!  if you want the latest news, come to specsucks, not stupid news papers and blogs.

Specsucks never lies.
Specsucks never gives up its integrity.
Specsucks never resorts to name-calling like bwog.
Specsucks will always be here, even after the spec falls.

That is the specsucks Haiku, and it will never change.

Another battle won by specsucks.


4 Responses to “Specsucks Vindicated!”

  1. specsucks dick??

  2. hi prasifka!!

  3. […] break the news that Spec was wrong and CUCR didn’t actually invite Ahmadinejad—specsucks did. It was becoming clear that the site was the work of more than just one well-informed person. This […]

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