The spec smells bad!

Hey spect-haters, this is a warning to you.

There are five senses.  FACT.

You have probably used two of them on the spec:  Feeling and Looking.

Today I tried to use my sense of smell on the spec, and I got a wiff of the WORST smelling thing I have  ever smelled.  If sucking had a smell, this would be it.  I was examining a spec Saturday to determine how best to destroy it when I spilled my Chile on it on saturday.  I was too busy cleaning up to finish my investigation, and I went to bed.  Today I woke up and thought “Okay what does the spec smell like?”  So I went and I smelled the spec and it smells WORSE THAN SHIT.  There is like weird fungus growing on the spec.  so do not smell the spec, it smells worse than Prezbo’s ass.

Do not even think of tasting it.  I am guessing that it will not sound bad though, just like a spec writer should sound ALWAYS.


One Response to “The spec smells bad!”

  1. And you can say whatever, but when it comes down to it, your dumb ass has a 2.6 gpa and freshman focus.


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