Spec is stupid like a cow.

Why is spec so stupid?  Nobody knows.

Good morning again, Columbia! This is just a reminder that there will be no paper today or tomorrow due to midterms. We’ll be back after spring break!

WOW, so you are basically so lame and lazy you cant even do what you claim to do which is publish a news paper.

Spectrum will continue to be updated this week and over the break.

Oh great.  So basically I can hear the combined output of a hundred monkeys on a typewriter.  On the spectrum from good to bad, spectrum is shit.

We hope that your midterms have gone well and that you have a great vacation!

Kinda too late to wish them to go well, considering they have already happened.That is like saying “Oh I hope that you won the lottery yesterday”.  Well guess what?  IF I WON THE FUCKING LOTTERY THEN YOU WOULD ALREADY KNOW.  YOUR HOPE ISN’T GOING TO HELP THINGS THAT ALREADY HAPPENED!!  Why dont you go on vacation forever, spec, just like George Rupp took a permanent vacation from columbia.

2 Responses to “Spec is stupid like a cow.”

  1. Great George Rupp joke

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