I am on break so I am not posting except for this

Fellow spect-haters!

I can tell that you are happy to be on break from those stupid classes and also mainly from the spec.  I for one am happy and relaxed but nothing makes me happier than the fact that I am so far away from the ink smears on a piece of paper which some people dare call a “news paper”.   (I am talking about the spec, of course.)  This is the one thing which is making me most happy this break.

I have not seen a single spec where I am in a secret undisclosed location not at columbia.  There are other news papers here but they are not the spec. and no i am not stupid and i will not tell you where i am because then you will track me down and try to shut me down but you never will because I am to cool.

I am glad that I do not have toreadstupid stuff for my classes.  Why do they even make us do that anyway, lol?

Maybe when OBAMA comes to Barnard he will notice “oh hey what is this news paper” and then he will read it and be like “oh wow this is bad” and then when he talks to prezbo he will say “wow this is really bad you should stop it!”  that is my dream but I know it is not likely.

Also I have noticed that we have an INTERNATIONAL audience of spect-haters who are viewing from the UNITED KINGDOM.  This is cool, because I know england has a lot of rebles and stuff like in V for Vendetta.   We are finally gaining the influence of our power!

I am sorry I have to go I am so super busy with lots of fun stuff that I am doing on break so I dont even have time to write a super long post.  I am doing a lot of stuff and it is really important so I don’t have time to watch  my blog that much.  But for the past few days I have noticed there are fewer people reading the blog so I say to you that just because I am on break does not mean you have to be! you can keep reading it even if I am not adding more stuff.

I will always have my eye on the spec even when I am asleep. You should too.

I hope your break is great and you live far away from columbia so you can get away from the spec!  If you are not I hope you are not offended it is okay to live in New York.

Down with the spec!



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