Kiwi Crew is the worst thing to happen to Columbia since the spec

I am not allowed to endorse candidates, but after a lengthy rousing conversation with Take5 campaign rep Ben X, I have been enlightened.  Although I can’t endorse Take5, I certainly can say without a glimmer of doubt in my soul, that Kiwi Crew is poison, and would not take any action against the spec if elected.  Therefore, I still do not explicity endorse Take5, but I certainly do command all my followers to vote for the alternative to Kiwi Crew.  If you hate the spec, you must hate Kiwi Crew too, because the spec has its grips on Kiwi crew. Arvin Ahmadi is an example of how the

Right now my list of things to hate at columbia is

  1. Spec
  2. Spec Sympathizers
  3. Kiwi Crew
  4. Bwog
  5. Occupy CU

Write a comment to show how the spec sucks.

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