Take5 BETRAYS specsucks, unfollows on twitter.

Ladies and Gentle men, it is with sorrow in my heart that I inform you that specsucks has been betrayed by someone we trusted.  No it did not turn out that one of our spec informants was a double agent.  It was some one much closer, some one we thought we could rely upon.  Thats right.  At 2:34 EST, Take5 removed their tentative support for the specsucks campaign, unfollowing us on twitter.  (Btw, if you want to follow us on twitter to make up for this betrayal please do @spec_sucks).  After everything we have done to support the Take5 campaign, even working around dragonian restrictions by CCSC board leaders, and not officially endorsing them but still supporting them 100%.

Which is why spec_sucks unilaterally declares that we support the Kiwi Crew 100% (although of course we still don’t officially endorse them till they endorse us).  We only have one condition for our support, which is that they remove all spect-writers from their ballot.


Fight on, spect-haters!

EDIT: I realize that there are actually two conditions, the first obviously being the insertion of

Upon election, we hereby pledge under penalty of life or  limb to do all within our power to put an end to the so called “news paper” The Spectator.

Into their platform, but obviously that goes without saying.


Write a comment to show how the spec sucks.

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