Specsucks indorses 212; CCSC election board is corrupt.

Hey we have another indorsement that is not approved.  We see that the spec is indorsing 212 so we are indorsing them too.  But our indorsement is NOT approved by the election board, so according to the official rules, they must lose all rights to indorsements (including by the spec) and they must lose 10% of their poster quota. The CCSC election board has NOT been performing there offical duty and refuses to uphold the rules and also refuses to contact with students.  They need to be impeached.  I will make a post revealing the corruption soon, unless they take action.



Proof of the rules

Editor’s Note:  A anonymous tipster has informed us that the spec indorsed 212 not Block Party.  We originally ran the story that we are indorsing Block Party but when we found out it is actually 212 we are now indorsing 212.  This is the fault of the spec because the stupid website is hard to tell who is writing what if they are printing “letters to the editor”.  We are sorry to Block Party if we have caused you to lose 10% of your print quota and lose your rights to indorsement, but you can blame it on the spec.  Hopefully nobody notices that we indorsed you for a brief period.


6 Responses to “Specsucks indorses 212; CCSC election board is corrupt.”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    First the spec betrays us but then next the take 5ive (lol) then the people that at us of the public find out that we are betrayed by the block party AND the ccsc election board! I think specsucks.wordpress.com is the only thing left to trust!!!!! The only source dedicated to righteousness

  2. specsuckssucks Says:

    You know you spelled ‘endorsed’ wrong like 15 times here. Please tell me you’re trying to be “ironic”

    • Maybe YOU need to look up a dictionary: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/indorse

      >a VARIANT spelling of endorse

      So maybe you are an idiot because alternate spellings are perfectly okay, maybe not at the spec but I am not an elitist hipster blog.

      You have made a FOOL of yourself because you thought you could out-hipster me but you forget that I GO TO COLUMBIA TOO. YOU are the stuck up hipster who doesnt know his english.

  3. hey specsucks, did u hear about take5’s campaign video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7Yx7PijOfg

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