Corruption in the CCSC election Board; Leaked emails reveal full extent; CHAIR of board admits it.

Here at specsucks we have recieved LEAKED emails from an exchange between Mrs. Mengu, the CHAIR of the CCSC election board, and an anonymous law-upholding tipster.

Excerpts from the tipsters email:

According to the document attached, which is an excerpt from the CCSC election manual, if an organization announces an endorsement before CCSC election board approves it, then the candidate is docked 10% of their poster quota. This is precisely what ######### (Specsucks Limited LTD) did.

and later…

Therefore, according to the rules, you must remove 10% of their poster quota, or you are throwing out the rule book.

And the full text of her response:

Dear #######,

Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. I’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss some of the rules regarding candidate endorsements. (I promise to ###############).


Miss. Mengu

The tipster’s response:

That is not an answer.  You are failing to uphold the rules, and thereby neglecting the duty of your office.  Is your seat open for election?  If so, would you mind telling me who the opposition candidates are?


And MENGU’s pathetic response:

This position requires maintaining a close working relationship with the Spectator and other members of the media. Not sure if you’d be able to handle it.

-Miss. Mengu

This is blantant proof that the CCSC board is in the grips of the spec, and that they are carousing and fraternizing with the spec.  They are in no way neutral in the election because the spec endorsed the 212 and the CCSC election board endorsed the spec, so that is the equivalent of the CCSC election board endorsing the 212, which is not being neutral and objective.  That means they are rigging the election.
After the anonymous tipster further replied, attempting to uphold justice, he/she said he/she recieved no further responses.  i.e. the CCSC election bored is REFUSED to respond because they know it would reveal that their refusal to react is because of Spectator corruption.
Being good investigative journalists, unlike two other so called “publications” we know, we went ahead and emailed Norita to get the full scoop.  I warned her:
If you do not enforce the law I will be forced to reveal this corruption.
To which she finally admitted:
Please feel free to reveal this alleged account of corruption.


Yes, you heard it here FIRST.  ANOTHER breaking news story covered FIRST by specsucks.  The CCSC election board admits they are corrupt, admits they endorse the spec, and certainly intends to interfere with the election.  I will not be surprised when I hear the rigged results.

4 Responses to “Corruption in the CCSC election Board; Leaked emails reveal full extent; CHAIR of board admits it.”

  1. wills a douchebag Says:

    just shut the fuck up

    • You are a retarded spec writer so shut up and go back to making shitty things like news papers. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME ON MY BLOG.

      • Anonymous Says:

        why do you have to act like a six year old because people on campus don’t like you? it’s pathetic.

      • Wow you are stupid there are many more spect-haters then specsters on campus you can see that there are people supporting me on my blog. And if you dont count stupid PINKOS on campus everyone agrees with me or is neutral so that is kinda retarded of you to try to say that spec doesnt like me DUH… Do you think HITLER liked the allies?

        “If no one hates you, you’re not doing your job”. So I am doing my job to show the spec is dumb. and you are a hater. EVEN GHANDI HAD HATERS and they were pathetic just like YOU. Why dont you make a better blog if you think you are so smart?

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