Spec thinks they are special

Spec is so pathetic I dont read dumb news papers so I dont read the spec but sometimes I see it on campus and I am like “FUCK YOU SPEC” because they are dumb.  Why are there not other things on campus?  If you were more wise spec you would see that you are not special.  Even rome fell in a day so do you think you are better then rome?  Spec you are like that stupid kid in my class who always raises his hand and is like “OMG I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS” Well guess what? I COULD CARE LESS what you want to tell me.  I do not care about your stupid “news” spec.  You are more “paper” then you are “news” lol. I would use you to wipe my butt if you were softer.


One Response to “Spec thinks they are special”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    Just to make an impact I’ve blown my nose in the spec before it I didn’t have to I just did it to send a message. Long live specsucks the most eyelid opening and influencing newes source on campus.
    Joke: sir are you driving under the influence?
    Answer: I am driving under the influence of specsucks. Lol

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