More inside leaks from speak confirm corruption charges, rampant destruction of family values within the spec

Specsucks has been watching for a long time.  We are now on the inside of the spec, destroying it like the maggot destroys the carcas.

  1. The spec gives further proof that they were involved with the manipulater of the elections.  This is a DIRECT quote from there secrete email:

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Congratulations to those who won or supported elections last week.

I think the implications is obvious…

  1. The spec is holding a presentation of MALE CHOVANISM on this friday.  PROOF from leaked conversations.  Some choice quotes:

This year we will be holding Mr. Spectator again. The event will take place this Friday, April 13th, at 8:00 PM in the office.


1. Runway
Each contestant will participate in a runway event.  He will be dressed to the dimes, and show off his catwalk.


A defined judging rubric will be used.


The prize will be a pizza party for the winning section, to be served at their meeting, and some surprise object/trophy/token of some kind.

They are destroying american family values and laughing at it, saying it will be “entertaining”.  HOW CAN Y OU HAVE A RUNWAY EVENT WITH NOWOMEN?  I would not watch that.

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