I am returning to my roots

When we first started this blog we had a vision in mind of the spec not being there (so it was actually not a vision because you cannot visualize something which doe4s not exist)   We could see the spec would be no more.  And we would bring blogs of truth!  But I see I have got caughten up in petty politics.  I am writing too much about the specifics of what happened in the spec and not enough about the overall philosphy of specsucks.  Anyone can open up the spec and vomit but we at specsucks have developed a comprehensive philosophy that is better and is comprehensile.  That is why I am returning to my roots we will show how the movement grows and how the spec sucks!!!


5 Responses to “I am returning to my roots”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    On that note, spec sucks for life! Actually spec has sucked for like 200 years, so more like spec sucks for the life of a Bowhead whale!

    • * <— leroy that is my internet tear I have cried for your support you are the most dedicated spect-hater (besides me of course but I do not need to even say that everybody knows).

  2. Bilboa Baggins Says:

    Viva la revolucion! We will bring the bubonic plague to the spec and their children (and of course cure then after the spec has died a lonely, cold and gruesome death) so that we may curbstomp the spec from existence. Within the fires of Hell there burns a paper called the spec with pictures of each individual who has ever participated in any part or production of the spectator and its bastard sister bwog (this would be contined in the Eigth Ring of Dante’s Inferno along with all eunuch midgets who got a woman pregnant).

  3. Is this satire or what?

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