RONNIE SHABAN, you are not a footballer

I have been following your terrible news for a long time now and I knew that you write stupid stuff, RONNIE SHABAN.  Your stupid “soccer ball” trick does not impress me.  Only idiots like the spec could award you “Mr. Spectator” for somethings utupid like that.  You do not frighten me.

Do you wonder how spec has time for stupid stuff like this if they are a serious news paper?  Well I wonder too but I have the answer: THEY ARE NOT A SERIOUS NEWS PAPER.  The entires spec is just an excuse for them to hang out and dress up as WOMEN in front of eachother.  You do not fool me spec, I see right through your disguises.


7 Responses to “RONNIE SHABAN, you are not a footballer”

  1. Rat Tastic Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Get a life, Sterne.

  3. it’s cute that you think this is funny

  4. Peter, are you trying to say men can’t be beauiful?

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