Readers, now is your chance to INFILTRATE the spec.

Stupid spec has put up a pole, but they are idiots if they think they can keep the hordes of spect-haters away from their web/site.  They do not understand our power.  we will OVERWELM them with our support and they will see the TRUE power of SPECSUCKS like they have not experiencedin their puny lives.  The REVOLUTION is starting and they shall see that they are on the LOSING side of history.  I am posting a link to the spec but I warn you DO NOT READ IT or you will go insane due to the stupidness infecting your brain.  Just skip to the poll and vote for the coolest option, the CLOAKED MASK, EDITOR IN CHIEF OF THE GLORIOUS SPECSUCKS COMMUNITY:




Write a comment to show how the spec sucks.

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