Here is some news, why doesnt spec cover it!

There are stupid fences all over campus but I have not read a SINGLE thing in the spec about it.  They are stupid because I have to walk around them.  Do you not know what INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM is spec?   What are these fences doing (beside blocking my way, lol)?  Who put them there?  Did you ever interview people or do you just write stupid stuff?!?  I for one would like to know the full story behind these fences, but I never will because spec will never write.  Instead they will write something about a stupid squirrel eating pizza. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID SQUIRREL, SPEC.


3 Responses to “Here is some news, why doesnt spec cover it!”

  1. The fences are there for commencement/graduation, they put them up every year at this time.

    • Thank you, isnt it ironic that a single comment on specsucks does better reporting then the entire spec news paper?

      (and btw I already know they are up every year)

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    This is a direct message to specsucks, due to Ellie’s inside information and possibly having the ability to go invisible and find information, I think it is fitting that an offer to work for specsucks is to be made.

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