Specsucks Senoir Columns

Since spec had there stupid “senoir columns” we know we can do better.  I am not a senior or graduating so I will be here FOR A LONG TIME SPEC!!!  LONGER THEN YOU!@!!!  but I am still writing a senoir column:

What I learned at specsucks

I have spent many times thinking about specsucks and the future of the revolution.  Spec sucks, and they know it.  I have spent much of my time working on specsucks but I still have a life other than this I am not obsessed with specsucks and you are losers I have more friends than you, spec.  I have learned many life lessons, but not a single one was from reading the spec. The only thing I have learned from spec is what not to do.  If there was a bad newspaper olympics, spec would come in last place in the special Olympics.  But I am not insulting disabled people because diabled people are cool unlike the spec.  Spec is so uncool they are like they are on fire.   So maybe that is why it is called a “flaming idiot” because it is a SPEC that is burning, lol.
Why is spec so lame?  I have though of this many times while I am contributing to the specsucks community blog.  Spectator has not spent one moment to think about “hmm… why do I suck so much” but that is because of the DONNING KRUGER EFFECT which spec is too stupid to even know about.  That is why I am REFLECTING on my years at specsucks.  it has been a great success.  Let me list the successes:

We Leaked Specs most precious stories, including the ACHMADINAJAD story.
We established a network of spies within spec, but also various related publications.
We exposed spectator-fueled CORRUPTION in the ccsc elections board.
We broke new ground in the philosophy of specsucks.
We successfully sabotaged a covert spec operation (sorry, I cant go into detail)
We attracted the largest audience ever to our cause.
We spoke privately with President Bollinger about the spec, potentially leading to action where it matters.
We exposed and disproved a total of 62 lies propogated by the spec.

That is why my senior column is better than the spec.  That is why our story is the best ever.  Because we are the underdogs and we were destined to win from the start. This fight is not over and I am not graduating, but one thing iscertain.  After reflecting on my time, I am more certain than ever that the spec sucks and that it needs to go.

Thank you for reading my senior column… if you are inspired you can join the cause.  Email the Specsucks Editor-In-Chief/Managing Editor/Publisher/President at thecloakedmask@gmail.com


2 Responses to “Specsucks Senoir Columns”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    ¡The only time I have felt more inspired then I did when I started reading this post is when I found out that the spec does not think weekends are days because when I found out that information I was inspired to MAKE THE SPEC PAY FOR THEIR SINS!

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