Leaked Senior Column reveals POWER HEIRARCHY at spec

Dear Spect-haters

today is a glorious day in the history of specsucks.  We have received a TOP SECRET leak from within the bowels of spec.  We have got our hands on a TOP SECRET senior column which reveals the level of coersion and impenetration which  is forced upon the lower classes of spec society.

but as it works now the lucky [autocrats] who get to sit in on meetings are a handful of representatives [from the] different undergraduate schools, along with this editorial page editors [sic], the managing editor, [and the editor] in chief.  In general, the board members decide the topic and argument, and in a Kerouac-[Stockholm syndrome-esqe manner the opinion] page’s editors clack away until the pieces is done.

(emphasis mine, and bracketed parts are speculative reconstruction of the text).

However, this despotic regime faced internal strife and internal power-struggle:

[The] Board took a while to hit our stride.  In retrospect, some of our beginning arguments [were not universally hate]d as they could have been, and a few meetings proved particularly difficult to facilitate [the outrageous and often cruel demands of the editorial board…]

(emphasis mine, and bracketed parts are speculative reconstruction of the text).

I find it sickening that the corrupt power hierarchy at the spec has been brutally punishing their workers for their attempts to live normal lives.  We can see how this process of indocrination FORCES the opinions of the few on the MANY, and then it is printing, forcing these views on EVERYONE AT COLUMBIA.  If this is not evil I do not know what is.

4 Responses to “Leaked Senior Column reveals POWER HEIRARCHY at spec”

  1. Have you ever been to Spec’s offices? You’re welcome to stop by whenever you want, ya know. They’re full of wonderful people who are doing what they love and trying their damnest to do right by Columbia. Beks, who wrote this “top secret” column is one such person… if you actually met her I don’t think you’d be interested in childishly ripping apart her words. They’re at 2875 Broadway and “business” hours are from 5:30pm to morning light five nights a week.

    • Wow are you serious? Spec is dumb why would I ever go near spec? Are you just another PINKO?

    • Green, don’t feel like you need to jump to my rescue! The Masked Cloak is standing by his principles, even if he is trying to take down the Spec. That’s more than a lot of us can say. I’m a PINKO and proud of it, but specsucks deserves our reSPECT.

      • beks, might I interest you in an unpaid internship at specsucks after graduation? We do not need our copys edited but there is much work to be done.

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