WE will take down spectator

I have just donated to the spec, because is would be lame if they just shut down because they didn’t have enough money and not because of our campaign.  I want our revolution to be successful so I dont want all my hard work to be for nothing.   Here at specsucks we are fighting for what is right, and we will not be outdone by stupid CURRENCY issues.  spec will fall to SPECSUCKS and no other, not even themself.


5 Responses to “WE will take down spectator”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I have not given any funds to the spec since your campaign turned me against them. The campaign may be what causes their financial downfall. Do not stand up for what you know is wrong. Do not go pinko on me!

    • Thank you leroy I did not think of that. Now that I see that it is because of specsucks that they need money not because of anything else, so if they run out of money that is SPECSUCKS taking them down. I will try to undo my donation.

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