Specsucks “worst of the spec” top spot finalized

Today I bring you the solumn news that we have been working on for a long time.  The offical “master list” of spectsters has taken a while to compile and we are still not done.  However, today, the official #1 spot has been clinched.  Unfortunately this person has requested that we keep there identity secret.  Because we are gentlewomen/gentlemen  at specsucks, we will comply with this demand.  So unfortunately we cannot reveal who the worst spectster is, but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

The shadowy mask finally has an ARC-NEMESIS to fight against.  The battle will be tough but the TRUTH will prevail.  I am like batman so you are like joker!  From now on I will refer to this individual by their temporary evil moniker: The Shadowy Turd.   Shadowy Turd, until you choose another name to fight under, this will be your callsign.


5 Responses to “Specsucks “worst of the spec” top spot finalized”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    Down with the shadowy turd! Down with that vile wench! Down with the PINKOS! We must save Columbia from the terrors of the spec.

  2. The Dark Hand Says:

    We will bring the shadowy turd to his knees, like he would do to the Columbia community if given a chance. Our vengeance will be exacted swiftly and mercilessly.

  3. lionshead turd Says:

    are you on the top of this worst list?

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