Breaking story from inside spec leaked about muslim student group

We at specsucks have ONCE AGAIN beat the spec to the presses. after meeting with bollinger near a fire, columbias MUSLIM STUDENT GROUP is now planning on talking to the next highest oficial: Schullenburger.  Basically there main objective is that there has been zero followup in the past two months or something.  This is super important and we published it first.  High level officials inside the student group say that a lot of barnard students signed there support on to this, and they are happy.  The purpose of the meeting (which will take place in an undisclosed secret locations) is to respond to the letter which was sent and also zero followup.  I don’t really know what this means but I think it is important.  Also, provost coatsworth, and chaplin davis, and dean demartinez are all gonna be there for some reason.

spec, you have been SCOOPED like a package of ben and jerrys lol.  why dont you go back to writing storys about KITTENS or something dumb.

Read specsucks.  We have the latest scoop.  We have the latest news.  Spec is dumb.  We are #1 most prestigiuos on campus.  You will only get the LATEST breaking news at specsucks.  We are the best.  SPEC IS GOING DOWN the spec is over it is revolution time.  You cannot defeat specsucks.  DOWN WITH SPEC! VIVIA LA REVOLUTIONES!!!

I’d like to give a SPECIAL THANKS to the Cloaked Dagger for this LEAK.


2 Responses to “Breaking story from inside spec leaked about muslim student group”

  1. lionshead turd Says:

    this is barely even news

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