Uggghhh dumb spec

Spec is so dumb it is not even worth me to say why.  Y R U SO DUM SPEC?  Idk they are dumb and bad.  The only think I hate more then spec is SPEC lol i tricked u of course i dont hate anything more then spec!!  spec is so bad it is so obvious i do not need to point out why.


5 Responses to “Uggghhh dumb spec”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I will go out on a limb and say that the hatred for the shadowy turd could on the right day surpass the spec, but overall the speck is so bad it does not even have the privillage of having its name spelled right. Overall I think sPeck has the record as the longest running bad and hated news source in history.

    • Thank you leroy but I would like to point out u r technically wrong becuz Shadowy Turd is technically part of the speck so my hate for him counts as my hate for spec, But you’re heart is in the right placE!!

      • Leroy Jenkins Says:

        But because the specktater is not daily (despite claiming to be) on the days they are not producing the shadowy turd could be hated as an individual, and maybe by chance could exceed the hatred of the spek that’s why I said “on the right way” but that is just how I feel

  2. The Dark Hand Says:

    spec is so terruble. If spec and Hitler had a baby it would still be better than spec.

  3. The Shadowy Eyeball Says:

    BLEHH I am at the SPECT office right now, it is disgusting!!! But I am willing to make this sacrifice so that I can help bring the truth about how terrible it is to (the most prestigious campus publication).

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