Spec is racist AGAIN

The Spec’s year in review issue is going to be published tomorrow. Maybe you think “oh I guess the SPECT is still making a news paper.” WRONG. This is just a re-run of stuff they ALREADY WROTE about all throughout the year. So basically they are just publishing old stories that they already published and calling it NEW. It is like the last episode of Seinfeld — nothing but CLIPS FROM OLD EPISODES. And Kramer was racist so since the Spect is like Seinfeld they are also racist! It is not funny to make Jokes about Soup Nazis, the jews died from Nazis!

This is a NEW low for the SPECT, how dare they call themselves a “news paper”??? They should just call themselves a paper since their is nothing NEW in they’re NEWs.


6 Responses to “Spec is racist AGAIN”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    With all the evidence against them I think the movement isn’t far from getting the NAACP and ACLU involved. We will save the campus from Parasites Infecting Naïve KOlege Students

  2. lionshead turd Says:

    why dont you run some re-runs…wait you cant, you dont publish real news

    • shut up spec is dumb.

    • Leroy Jenkins Says:

      Well neither is the spec if there gonna talk about what happened weeks or months ago thats not news that is: clicking my documents, clicking November 2011, opening a document, and clicking print. Aka lazy.
      Spec is lazy, Fact!

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