lol spec is jealous

Have u noticed that spec didn’t include the #1 most important story all year in there so called “year in review”?  WELL I DID.  They did not mention ANYTHING about achmadinajad coming to campus.  I wonder why?!?!  oh, I know!  Because they are JEALOUS that they did not break the story first.  WHO DID? only the most prestigous campus publication: SPECSUCKS.WORDPRESS.COM.  which shows how they (THE SPEC) put petty politics before real news.  Just because you were BEAT spec doesnt mean it didnt happen.  Why dont we ask IVYGATE what they think is the most important story of the year:!/ivygate/status/175433665839513602.  HMM IT LOOKS LIKE SPECSUCKS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT, NOT SPEC.  And Ivy Gate are IMPARTIAL unlike spec which has more bias then the Der Speigel.

Take a look at their PATHETIC list:

Spec: -5 Specsucks: infinity

4 Responses to “lol spec is jealous”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    Speck, your so bad that even your top stories of the year suck. How about you spectate (like the adjective that is your name) instead of publish, that way we don’t all have to here about you, you can just be a club where people watch things. That way you are actually spectators.

  2. lionshead turd Says:

    it looks like you are the jealous one, specsucks

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