I hereby commence… that the spec is DUMB

hey spec do you even know what the word commencement means?  Commencement means the BEGINNING. Well guess what?  Were you too busy being asleep because you missed to notice that it is the END OF THE YEAR.  I know you are too busy FAILING your classes to notice, but at specsucks we are ever vigeland. (lol that is pun).  So maybe you should wait till school is STARTING to COMMENCE your news paper again! My secret sources have leaked that u r gonna try to do a “commencement” now.  It is a bit too late, dont you think?  All the legions of spect-haters agree with me.  FIGHT ON!


4 Responses to “I hereby commence… that the spec is DUMB”

  1. The Shadowy Eyeball Says:

    lol good commencement it is better than the SPECT’S trust me I have seen what they are doing because I am DEEP INSIDE the walls of the spec and it is dumb just like you say. You are like a profit but not like sacrilege that is a sin. I am just saying you have very good powers of observation and soon the spec will come crumbling down like the walls of Jerico.


    Great comment in that stuipid 1:11 post the spec always thinks is funny. You are bringing truth to this barren campus!
    Also just so you know I wasn’t reading the spec that would be dumb a specster told me about it. but i was glad to see you had spoken.

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