Obama speaks at Barnard: Spec is too dumb to notice

Hey did you know that OBAMA speaks at barnard? Wow I guess he is the “president” because everyone seems to care so much but the only president i support is lee bollinger because I am more loyal to columbia than to obama but I love america more than both. (you are an idiot if you think that I have to love obama if I love america where are you from, CHINA with a dictatorship?).  But any way spec of course is no where to be seen they are too busy graduating.  so instead they STEAL a stock photo of obama to use as their cover picture and then they basically just copied from the DUMB New york times which is a DOUBLE insult to them because first they kicked out the News york times from speaking and then they basically just copy them and dont add any thing NEW,  so that is a DOUBLE insult nice going spec.  so  congratulations specsters have copied the second worst news paper ever, so that makes you the #1 most worst news paper ever. btw specsucks will continue to take down the spec during the summer because number #1 they are dumb for not publishing if you are DAILY then how about publishing DAILY huh is that a good idea?  and number #2 specsucks has so much material to cover that we did not get to during the stupid school year on how spec is dumb we wll need to cover that and also we are getting a head-start on the spec and recruiting from the class of 2016.  So if you do not go to columbia yet please considering applying to the most prestigous #1 campus publication at the thecloakedmask@gmail.com most prestigous email address.  AND SCERTAINLY DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT WORKING FOR SPEC THEY ARE DUMB AND EXPLOIT UR LABOR TO MAKE A DUMB NEWS PAPER


5 Responses to “Obama speaks at Barnard: Spec is too dumb to notice”

  1. The Shadowy Eyeball Says:

    lol you owned those noobs. Also I can testify that you are writing the truth because the spec is dumb and they will exploit your labor! DO NOT WORK FOR THE SPECT. They are basically like sweatshop owners except instead of COOL NIKES they are making a DUMB NEWS PAPER!!! So it is not even worth it!

  2. spect hater Says:

    the President of the United States is a disgrace to these country. he shouldn’t be called the POTUS but the SPOTUS. because he is the STUPID president of the united states lol

    • haha i will use that name instead of obaMAO or maybe i will use both but I will still use SPOTUS too.

      • Leroy Jenkins Says:

        I see that there are more people finally joining the side of the light (like Jesus’s light, duh) this is great! Maybe you guys can become my friends, this will be great for my selfish-steam.

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