HAHA shadowy turd is not on line

Hey I c hecked and the shadowy “LH” turd is not on line right now he is probably hiding from me and stuff.  he is dumb or it could be a girl because I kept my promise to keep him ANONYMOUS.  Why are you afraid of me, TURD?  the summer is my ground even spec i9s afraid to publish!!! if you are not fighting the spec, you are helping them, so join the cause or burn in hell.




4 Responses to “HAHA shadowy turd is not on line”

  1. Lord Sauron Says:

    Great article. Go to p r o j e c t o r 1 2 3 . c o m for all your projector renting needs! Less than $100 for a projector delivered to your door! Great for Lord of the Rings marathons!

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    Or a projector could be used to shine the light of the truth spread by specsucks onto the spec hq. That would show them who’s boss« specsucks is the boss.

    • Thank you leroy but I am trying to keep my identity secret so they do not know that I am using a projector. But i would like to shine the truth on the spec of course lole!

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