Spec involvement in Homicide case unclear

Spec involvement in Homicide case near columbia university is unclear.  Sources have been eerily silent on the involvement of the spec in this case.  Due to several discrepancies, rumors have been spreading like wildfire that the spec was somehow involved.  Of  course, I’m not saying the spec was involved in the murders, I’m simply asking questions, searching for the truth.  Where were the spec staff at the time of the murders?  What motive did the spec have? Why did the spec, an organization whose incompetence leads them to publish a news paper consistently ranked last in the nation, somehow manage to get the inside scoop before anyone else?  Why were they publishing in the summer if they are supposedly a student-run news paper?  I’m not saying that these answers will necessarily give insight into the crime, I’m simply saying that knowing these answers certainly won’t cause us to know less about it. I mean, the answer could just be that they stole their article from some other news paper.

But anyway why has the spec been so silent on their involvement?  Think about it… it all makes sense.  Spec isn’t covering the news this summer, they’re covering it up.

NOTE: do not read the article when conducting independent research… it’s not worth it.


4 Responses to “Spec involvement in Homicide case unclear”

  1. The Shadowy Eyeball Says:

    lol it would not surprise me if they WERE involved I will look into this and report back to you!

  2. Si, yo pienso que el espectador asesinó a esos tres hombres!

  3. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    It is surprising to see how low the spec will stoop. The victim must have had insight on their financial turmoil.

  4. The Dark Hand Says:

    the world needs more brave journalists asking hard hitting quesionts of the established isntitutshions like u! Carry on!

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