What spec okay so you have a blog BIG WHOOP why dont you stop in the summer if you are not printing your news paper!

Spec you are publishing a blog which is a BIG WHOOP to me as you can tell I DO NOT CARE.  That pisses me off because I thought spec would be no longer publishing for the summer!  Plus I am not near spec so those combine to cause the best summer ever like the Gillette fusion razor ads.  But not you have taken that away from me because I am still connected to theinternet and so if spec is publishing a blog that is invading my personal space.  For example spec is writing DUMB STUFF on SPECtrum where they are insulting our loyal team.  You disgust me spec you are like a pack of dogs.  Spec is as unloyal as a hyena like in the lion king.  Do you think that columbia football is a joke? Well that is not a joke.  A joke has a PUNCH LINE.  Like JONESTOWN, for example  (lol see what I did there.)  See I am more funny than spec and I am not even trying.  I made my joke stupid on purpose so if you are going to write me an email or a comment to say “that is a stupid joke” YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME. I KNOW IT IS NOT FUNNY THAT IS ON PURPOSE YOU IDIOT.

There is only ONE blog about spec worth reading this summer and it is SPECSUCKS.   I am already feeling super smart just to not be around spec any more!

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3 Responses to “What spec okay so you have a blog BIG WHOOP why dont you stop in the summer if you are not printing your news paper!”

  1. I thought your joke was quite good, actually. You should write a comedy blog.

  2. The Shadowy Eyeball Says:

    Do not listten to RALPH he is probably a pinko who is trying to distract you from your fight to bring the TRUTH to the spect and all the enemies of YOU. He will think if you start a comedy blog you will not have time for shining the light of HOPE on the spec but he doesnt know that nothing can stop you!!!

    • thank you eyeball for WATCHING out for me:

      “Flattery does not attend upon poor, obscure or unimportant persons, but makes itself an obstacle and pestilence to great houses and great affairs.”
      Plutarch. Mor.1.

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