Spec squanders budget, goodwill of Columbia community

It is incredible to me how the Spectator can so blatantly manipulate the Columbia community, and yet nobody (until now) called them out on it.  For example, the spectator begs for money, covers their paper with massive ads which obscure what little content they possess, and even venture into corruption and other questionable enterprises, all under the pretense that they are in dire need of funding — and yet we see them regularly squandering the money they unscrupulously attained on trivialities and personal luxuries.

Take for example this recent example of them purchasing clearly sub-standard artwork: http://spectrum.columbiaspectator.com/spectrum/a-masterpiece-not-taught-in-art-hum  They are brash enough to sarcastically comment “Spectator took a few cents out of its budget to commission a portrait”, and don’t even bother to hide the true intentions of such a purchase — certainly not the betterment of the Columbia news community, but rather the personal gratification of spec bigwigs.  Never a paper to focus on what matters, instead we see the egotistical self-centered drivel which spec has become known for. The use of spec funds for something which the author proudly states is “going on my dorm room wall” is nicely complimented by the narcissistic tagging of the post with the authors own name.  It’s almost as if spectator is a community created for those who enjoy getting their rocks off at the expense of others.


2 Responses to “Spec squanders budget, goodwill of Columbia community”

  1. you suck, specsucks

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