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Spec ignores obvious “make love to an elder” implications

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In an article which surely will be placed in the spec archives the spec once again jumps the shark. they say they are journalists but how can you do an entire feature length story on an event called “love an elder day” without investigating the implication that that columbia students should prepare to invade the bedrooms of our vulnerable elderly population.  anyone with half a brain can see it is there… Let me read you some quotes:

McGrattan said that he takes notice of elderly people around Columbia

A lot of elderly people need love…

[columbia students] should learn to understand what motivates elderly people

“giving back for intangible things” is part of the appeal for the young volunteers.

I was reading this and i was like COME ON.  At some point you have to ask them the question “You guys aren’t actually promoting columbia students to have sex with elderly people, are you?”  I mean the sign on broadway bus stop that says “love an elder” and shows an old grandma and a strapping young columbia lad (who perhaps coincidentally bears a striking resemblance to Spec Publisher Alex Smyk) in a slightly more-than-friendly embrace has to tip you off and you can ask at least once to an anonymous interview “how many senior citizens have you had sexual intercourse with in the past year?”.  But hte point is that spec doesnt care about getting to the truth.  I think that it would be dispicable if Love an Elder day was indeed an organization to promote sexual predation upon senile elderly victims and if that were the case, then the spec is doing an equally despicable job of covering this up through their incompitence to make the obvious harold-and-maud  implications.  I am not saying this is true but if it is then this is an example of how specs negligence is not only bordering on criminal but is sexually perverted and depraved.  Here at specsucks we would never lovingly caress an elderly alzheimers victim while we untie his hospital gown and gently fondle him.


Dont exspect the spect

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An astute commenter (much more astute than the commenters over at the spec)  has commented on specsucks this commenter commented that there is information on spectrum which is that there is finally spec admits that they are socialist and that they suck.  This is step 1 of my 14 step plan which I have not yet written to eliminate spec  so it is brought a metaphorical tear to my non-metaphorical eye.   as you can see i am very confused by these emotion.  I do not know what to say to spec.
In other news, today I poped a blood blister on my foot and then i realized that i do not have any tissues near by but luckily there was a copy of the spect (do not worry i do not read spec i was just disecting it for scientific purposes) and it is very absorbidant.  take that, spec.

Offical Specsucks Crossword Puzzle Prize

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Today, here at specsucks we are proud do announce the release of the first Official Specsucks Crossword Puzzle Prize.  The first individual to send the complete and correct solution to will be awarded the grand prize.  The grand prize is that specsucks will design a new poster featuring your face which we will flyer the campus with.  There will also be consolation prizes to anyone else who sends us the answer, but they are secret to prevent gaming the system.



1. Biting and sour – like the spec
6. Spec’s favourite bonding activity
10. Star of 1984, David ____
14. 2008 Hurricane
16. Columbia’s New York rival
17. Spec doesn’t have one of these
18. What spec should be reduced to
19. “Editor in chief”/Satan
21. Spec does this with bullshit
22. Second wife of Theseus (Lit hum is dumb)
24. Major bullshit from the computing club
26. Abstinence-only motto
28. Best setting for spec printing press
31. Spec _____ (this ones a freebee)
32. Metaphor for spec’s cancerous role in relationship to the university
36. Spec doesnt consider this a human life
38. Hometown of the rival of the best boxer in history
39. Genre of the spec, Abbr.
40. _____-sexual, a mode of transportation
42. Papua New Guinean anti-HIV project
43. What everyone should show the spec
45. Call her, maybe
47. Specsucks podcast guest
48. Something the sun does
49. Ian Dury single
53. What specsucks is to the spec
57. How one feels after reading the spec
61. 20th sura of the spec’s favorite book
62. Roon ______ Aditorium
64. Zack Tax earned an astounding 12.00 in the 2012 season
65. Where you bake things
66. Spec foolishly criticized the safety of these six years ago
67. The general atmosphere at the spec
69. Proper response to the spec
70. The first true flying machine
71. They would spit at the spec!


1. Can be found between your teeth before braces
2. “Hip”est Columbia club
3. Columbia alum ____ Gupta. Designer, Photographer, and Video Producer
4. Jullian Assange’s channel
5. The Spec is the _______ news paper in the world
7. Best late 16th century bible version
8. Gymnast Adolf ______
9. French environment
10. Corrupt election board
11. Where the spec should get lost
12. The spec is a bunch of these, alt. spelling
13. What the spec claims to be “BUT IT IS NOT”
15. Berks’ favorite cleaning device
20. Headstrong Scott
23. http://www.elmundo.__
25. Foreign resident, abbr.
28. They shouldn’t be called the spectator, but the ________
29. Primary activity at spec offices
30. Prima _____
33. sole; unique
34. Specsters
35. Dumb lit hum book
37. Automatic baby neck movement
38. The worst part of the day; when spec delivers
41. The Dark Hand ______ against the corrupt spec
44. For lo, specsucks much desired that the spec would ____
46. Where spec gets their orders from
48. Fresh Italian cooking… garanteed!
51. Yo ______ specsucks, dijo que el ojo vago
52. It’s in the game
54. Blue space Indians.
55. Ex-specster Orsher
56. What ghosts do
58. What the spec is covered with
59. American humor columnist, luckily she never went to Columbia
60. Those things that the spec can’t count
63. What I say to the spec
68. Faith based alcoholism cure

Spec is making us work overtime

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Well usually i do not have to update about DUMB SPEC unless there is important news but here at specsucks there is lots that has happened.  WEll #1 most is that spec is releasing all their old articles.  This is finally the chance to PROVE that spec is dumb and always has been dumb.  Which is why today we are introducing a SPECIAL edition of specsucks which will continue to run called “SUCKING THROUGH HISTORY: A HISTORY OF THE SPEC” where we examine historical spectators and show how they sucked then too.

For our inagural issue we are covering an article from November 21 1978 issue of the spec, on page 5, titled “Anglophiles Paradise”, by Francis Connoly.  Well, todays your unlucky day, francis.  First of all what kind of a name is francis are you France or what lol?

First of all what a stupid title why do you have to use a big word like anglophile any way i looked it up it just means ENGLISH LOVER so why don’t you say that?  oh yeah, because you want to be elitist.  Nice going spec.  So what is the article about any way it is just about a STORE which is british.  That is really special.  WELL GUESS WHAT?!?! THERE ARE LOTS OF BRITISH PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES AND SOME OF THEM OWN SHOPS!!!  I do not care about this british shop just because it is british.  The only thing I have learned from this article is that the store sells british things which I already KNEW because it is a BRITISH STORE, so I havent learned ANYTHING. I CAN NOT TELL IF THIS IS JUST AN ADD OR A STUPID ARTICLE. Plus this is not anything I could not know by just GOING THERE MYSELF it is 1978 not thestone ages.  and then to top it off there is a DUMB PHOTO.  That is the type of crappy photo I could see on GOOGLE STREET VIEW(tm).\

And that is the end of our first full length article from this series.

And second there was a video from spectrum which we have to respond to   Obviously there is too much to even begin to talk about but I would just like to point out how hegemonic the spec is.  notice how only two people have the Macbook Pro.  Elitists.  Also do not think I dont notice when you cant spin your chair around.  Spec this reminds me the time that I drank a berry 5-hour energy and it was GRAPE flavored.  Get your shit together 5-hour energy grape is not a berry.

Spec is greedy

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Hey I was accidentally on the spectator website yesterday. andI saw that they are asking me for money  what is the nerve of these people that they think i want to give them my money. MY PARENTS EARNED IT DOING WORK why dont you do some work if you want some money rather then  taking MY MONEY.  UNTIL YOU are responsible for your self you do not ask me to give away the money i was told to use for SCHOOL.  spec you are not a school if you go into spec the only thing you learn is that they are dumb.  Spec you are more greedy then the NFL refs except at least they can referee a game but you probably don’t even know how a football works.  This is the sort of bullshit ENTITLEMENT that I am sick of we are not in a socialist country how about we have some personal liberty without me having to pay for your FAILURES.  Also I wouldn’t donate to bwog if they asked me.

Deeper Investigation of the spec UNDERBELLY

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according to official documents which we got our hands on, the spectator is claiming to the U.S. Government that


There are lots of things which are sketchy about this:

Note my point of contention, that the spec is indeed  not separate from columbia university, notice how the spec uses WEASEL words to avoid commiting perjury.  They say that it is “WITH AN INDEPENDENT BOARD OF DIRECTORS”, but they do not say that it is INDEPENDENT with a board of directors there is a difference.  THEY ARE WITH A BOARD OF DIRECTORS WHICH IT IS INDEPENDENT BUT THE SPEC ITSELF IS NOT.   Then of course they also give another hint taht they are “RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PUBLICATION OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY’S DAILY NEWSPAPER” which is PROOF that the spec is not independent because they do not say “oh we publish for this community or whatever bullshit they put on there web site but they say they are for COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY’S DAILY PAPER AS IT IS BELONG TO THE UNIVERSITY NOT SPEC.

Then we get to the biggest lie that “THE OBJECTIVE OF THE ORGANIZATION IS TO PROVIDE STUDENTS WITH AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN ALL FACETS OF THE NEWSPAPER PRODUCTION BUSINESS.” WHAT A LOAD OF HOG WASH.  First of all if you are a news paper then shouldnt your OBJECTIVE be provide news for the columbia university on a piece of paper, not to provide opportunity to learn about FACETS (WHAT THE FUCK IS A FACET ANYWAY).  Second of all they use vogue language like “NEWSPAPER PRODUCTION BUSINESS” to hide to have to say what they are saying.  “NEWS PAPER PRODUCTION BUSINESS” is quite clear that it covers historically CORRUPTION like the dreyfus affair and water gate and NEWS CORP HACKING CELL PHONES.  SO THIS COULD MEAN ANY THING.  AND THIRD OF ALL HOW CAN SPEC CLAIM TO BE OBJECTIVE ALL THEY DO IS BIAS

Then the spec tries to deny that they are getting paid for sitting on their fat asses. they say that columbia is paying them in return for “free circulation”, but wait do not be fooled it is free circulation of WHAT?  it is free circulation of the SPEC.  Do you get that?!?!?  the SPEC is being payed for free circulation of the SPEC.  That is like paying ME for free circulation of MYSELF for WALKING TO CLASS EVERY DAY.  IT IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY TO MOVE YOURSELF AROUND SPEC DONT TRY TO CLAIM THAT YOU DESERVE MONEY FOR IT.  And then they also say that the university is “PROVIDES OFFICE AND PRODUCTION SPACE TO THE ORGANIZATION” well that sounds to me like their assets are FUNGIBLE so if you do not charge me for this then that is like YOU PAYED ME MONEY so it does not matter how they are funneling the money the spec is still sucking off the teet of the university WHICH I PAYED MONEY TO AND I WANT EVERY PENNY WHICH WENT TO SPEC BACK.  PREZBO IF YOU ARE READING THIS THEN GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.


CCSC Election Board Reveals Double Standard, BwogSpec helps to cover up

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After specsucks broke the biggest election scandal since nixon  on the fifth of april 2012, we were shocked by the lack of response.  Spec of course didn’t cover the issue, bwog of course didn’t cover it but even publications we like like the columbia political review did not cover it.  It was clear there is a cover up, because who will watch teh watchmen so nobody wants to make the election board mad other wise they will not be elected.  That is like biting the hand that feeds you.  The scandal was not covered by the mainstream columbia media, and once again criminals got away with it.  Now if you recall, the specific issue was that the election board refused to inforce the rules regarding poster quotas and indorsements.  Well why dont you just take a look at bwog where just today they think they are “breaking” a story about election board corruption.  SHUT UP BWOG I BEAT YOU TO IT

today is  23 so DO THE MATH this is AT LEAST 18 days PLUS THE MONTHS IN BETWEEN that it has already been known to specsucks readers.  So wait, but they tell you that it is not the scandal?  they are saying that the problem is that they are inforcing the rules.  WELL WHAT RULE? it is the same rule they didnt inforce before well what you ask is the difference between now and then well the difference is that one of the candidates was hand selected by the spec to win, and the other one wasnt.  The only difference is what spec wanted to happen.  This is bullshit of the highest order and I DEMAND ANSWERS.

Do you see how bwogspec just spoon feeds you the truth whereas specsucks will give you the truth the hole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god!