Spec sucks, Take 2

The summer has provided an opportunity for the specsucks organization to contemplate the previous year.  What we did right, what we did wrong.  Just as the spec resumes being dumb, so too do we resume fighting them on our own terms.  Know this spec: your days are numbered.

I personally can already feel the effects of spec on me.  This time we will fight back harder and stronger.  We will obliterate the spec.

2 Responses to “Spec sucks, Take 2”

  1. the chipped graham cracker Says:

    I want to get involved. Get back to me.

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    Spec, you can try all you want to be a good newspaper, but you’re not and we all know it! This year Columbia will see you for what you are, then we will end you and the filth you pollute our school with.

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