Specsucks recruitment video

Spectator posts propaganda, and specsucks responds within 24 hours.



4 Responses to “Specsucks recruitment video”

  1. Washington Says:

    Spectrum, I accuse thee of hypocrisy! You claim to be “daily”, it is Fact that this is not true. You claim to be “finical independent”, and once more I state this, Fact: that is not true! You are the trash I scrape off my shoe after a walk through central park and after a short few days here in New York, I have had ENOUGH SHOE SCRAPING! It is a terrible thing to come to a new school and see such a bad newspaper, however I am proud to see there are some righteous individuals who stand up to you. Long live specsucks, long live the cloaked mask, and long live all those who oppose the wretched spectator.

    • Leroy Jenkins Says:

      You are exactly the kind of person we need in this movement. I to am bothered when I go to scrape trash off my shoe a only to find it is the spectator. This city will be a cleaner place once the spec is gone.

  2. The Dark Hand Says:

    Look to your sins Speccies, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

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