Kingsmen Promote Koctoberfest

I was walking by the fine building of Columbia Butler Library, a few days ago when I noticed some Graffiti DEFACING its side.  An inscription which once read  “Conerstone Laid October …” Was lewdley posted over by Kingsmen posters to read “Kornerstone Laid Koctober…”.  This incident of course goes unreported by the Columbia mainstream media.  Where is the news coverage? Where is the official investigation?  Where indeed, spec.  I, for one, think the widely visible defacement of a public building in the center of the Columbia campus warrants an investigation to find and punish those responsible, but maybe I’m just old fashioned.

And meanwhile, the Kingsmen are having a veritable “Koctoberfest”, knowing that they will never be held responsible without a real newspaper to report on this Koctobergate.  If anyone is in contact with an individual interested in infiltrating the Kingsmen, please have them send an email to

Also, if you missed it, Columbia’s Specsucks has released its official 20012 recruitment video:


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