Prezbo Weighs in on specsucks/spec controversy

President Lee Bollinger has finally weighed in on the specsucks vs spec controversy.  He says

You were accused of cheating…along with students at Harvard who all cheat. In that situation, you’re wondering how much could you sue the Spectator for. Spectator has no money. You’re not likely to get any back.

Of course, he probably knows that spectator does have money, but the truth is they hide their finances so well that you’re not likely to get any back.  Of course, I think the great president of this university understands that spec is bad both because they won’t give you any money and because they falsely accuse you of cheating.  Talk about a one-two punch!

Special thanks to the Dark Hand for the quote.


3 Responses to “Prezbo Weighs in on specsucks/spec controversy”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    It is sad when even the president thinks they are bad yet their existence is ongoing. They must be stealing money because no one likes them any more.

  2. hey i just want to say im a big fan and i think you’re sexxxxxy… it might be my cape fetish LOL! still if you ever feel like taking that mask off and putting that dark hand of yours to use (if you know what i mean 🙂 i’ll be waiting ;p

  3. The Melted Chocolate Bar Says:

    today i saw him at his eleventh funrun and he said nothing about it during his remarks

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