Spectator is OBSOLETE

Spectator is out of style it is no more worth my time to read i have had enough of spec!!  spec is going to be no more!  That is spec will be gone!  There is a revolution (like tracey chapman sings about lol)  And that revolution is specsucks the #1 movement on campus.  OBSOLETE means we don’t want it any more so spec: YOU ARE DUMBER THAN A BRICK.


Edit: also you PINKOS *Parasites Infecting Naive KOllege Students won’t do anything to stop me.


5 Responses to “Spectator is OBSOLETE”

  1. Contempt Constanza Says:

    I find this blog not only pathetically inane but also quite offensive, as a friend of several people who write for the spectator I can atest to its quality. SPECSUCKS SUCKS.

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