Potential Specsucks Informant Slandered, Forcibly Removed from Campus

The spect is caught once again in the act of vicious slander.  Poor unfortunate Columbia student Rhea Sen has been labeled as an “impostor”[1] “suspicious”[2] and “socially awkward”[3] in an act in which the spectator acted as judge, jury, and executioner.  Given no chance to defend herself, she was forcibly detained against her will, reminiscient of the “stop-and-frisk” antics of the spec’s favorite donut munching lackeys.  And for those of you who are wondering what forcible transportation against your will is called: It’s called KIDNAPPING.

I find it disgusting that the spec is able to so readily able to turn the entire student body against Rhea.  Based on the evidence, it is clear that there are two sides to the story.  Maybe she got lost on the subway and lost her I.D but HEY I did BOTH of those things my freshman year… do you think I should be arrested for it?  On the other hand, she was a normal student just like everyone else: she did her laundry, she went to classes, had trouble sleeping (who doesn’t pull an allnighter at columbia), ate in john jay, went to orientation parties, and lots of other normal things.  So there are two sides to every coin but spec only shows you one side.  Sometimes computers mess up and they lose information like when I lost my midterm essay, so it is possible that she just got accidentally erased from the CUID I know nobody is perfect not even a computer. I live in america and I believe that most people at Columbia do too (ACTUALLY ALL OF YOU), and in america we have something called INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.  It makes me SICK that these spec dogs would SIC themselves on this poor girl who is innocent, because she has not been proven guilty.

And spec just publishes all sorts of accusations on their websites, including that she is connected to achmadinajad, which is an outright RACIST LIE, and has NO BASIS in the truth.  I think it’s time we had enough of this yellow journalism.  How about you get TRIED IN A COURT OF LAW like in LAW AND ORDER before you say something which is a clear lie!

Plus on top of the unproven accusations, the spec’s story doesn’t add up.

1.take a look at this paragraph:

One student, who requested anonymity because [Rhea] knew his contact information, said he met [Rhea] in December at the Toni Stabile Student Center in Pulitzer Hall, when they were both pulling all-nighters. Public Safety officers would check for Columbia ID cards nightly and the student said [Rhea] had one, though when she stepped out to grab some food at UNI Café, she told him her card was demagnetized and asked if he would reopen the door for her.

So wait…the spec claims that this individual wants to be anonymous so that Rhea wouldn’t know who he was… and then proceeds to reveal A) His gender B) When and where he met Rhea, and C) the interactions they had.

Also… this is just about how bad the spec is but not about how they have attacked Rhea but what kind of stupid smudge is that over  Cafe.  ITS SPELLED CAFE, we are not speaking spanish this is AMERICA.

2. take a look at this paragraph

Another student, who requested anonymity because [Rhea] has her phone number, said she met [Rhea] in March, also at UNI Café. Noticing [Rhea]’s strong Indian accent and wanting to help the seemingly lonely woman make friends, the student—a member of the Hindu Students Organization—invited her to Chamak, a Pakistani event that would take place that evening. [Rhea] and the student exchanged phone numbers, and [Rhea] promised to come to Chamak, before backing out.

[Rhea] also promised to go to Tamasha, a South Asian cultural showcase, and texted the student that she was in Roone Arledge Auditorium during the event. But she later texted that she had lied and “had to go out.” The student grew frustrated that [Rhea] never seemed to follow through despite saying that she wanted to meet more people.

So wait… this student wants to remain anonymous from Rhea, but yet the spec publishes A) when and where she met Rhea B)Which club she belongs to C)Which events she invited Rhea to D) the fact that they exchanged phone numbers

But maybe you think “Oh well at least she didn’t reveal the exact text of communication between Rhea and this supposedly “anonymous person”” Well, take a look at these photos which I took from the spec website so they can’t take them down and claim that they never did it.

Honestly, how fake could your story be about this person who supposedly wants to be “anonymous”?  And we are also supposed to believe this “anonymous” individual doesn’t even know the difference between “leave” and “leaves”, and yet they go to columbia? AHAHAHAHA

3. Read this quote

“I felt unsafe. I felt like she was psychotic,” the student said.

Really?  You felt unsafe?  you felt like she was psychotic.  Is that the best evidence the spectator can summon?  Then if that’s all it takes to arrest someone, then let me be on record as saying that I feel that the spect should be arrested for crimes against humanity.

4If she is the criminal mastermind the spec alleges her to be, then why is the arresting cop giving me a weird eye in this picture, almost saying “watch out…you’ll be next”

The worst thing about this whole deal is that she probably would have wanted to be a specsucks informant, considering how badly the spec slandered her.  Those who are personally bitten by the spec understand its danger the most.  Hopefully Lee Bollinger will oversee that true justice is formed on columbia, and that she is not lynched in the collective opinion of columbia studnets.

Oh yeah also specsucks was cheated out of our rightful victory.  Our photo of campus was better than ALL OF THE OTHER ENTRIES COMBINED, but spec didn’t even give us an honorable mention.  To see our AMAZING ENTRY, click here.  To see their pathetic results, click here

also, of course spec is silent about Koctobergate
UPDATE: Today in the wonderful FERRIS BOOTH dining hall (which is located on columbia’s pristine urban campus) I heard a young lady say to the man preparing her food “I go to Barnard”, and he was like “huh?” and then she was like “I go to Barnard” and then he was like “oh”.   So does this mean the man is an imposter just because he says “what’s that” to someone when they say barnard?  Maybe some people don’t know what barnard is even if they go to Columbia that is not a reason to arrest them.  This is a perfect example of how the spec uses heresay evidence which has already been OUTLAWED in court.


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