Spectator made me racist

Before I read the spec I was not racist at all.  But then I read about the spec and their poor character assasination of Rhea, and now whenever I see an indian girl on campus I think “is she an imposter!?! ” because that is the message the spect has planted in my mind    I find it sick what you made me become, spec.


3 Responses to “Spectator made me racist”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    Sometimes i see people being racist and now i know why, because the spec made them that way. You are so bad spec that you make good people bad. You need to be reduced to a spec of dust because specs of dust are generally not racist and generally don’t make people racist to.

  2. Contempt Constanza Says:

    Yeah im black and I walked into the spec office and they were very racist to me andit hurt my feelings 😦

  3. The Dark Hand Says:

    Spec made me hate gays, minorities and women with their antisemitic rhetoric.

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