Spec plans to film “lascivious” photo shoot

Sources inside spec reveal to us that tomorrow the spec is planning to film and shoot a video which involves cross-dressing and likely sexual exploitation.  This is a theme which is so bad I am sick of spec.  Spec you are not a news paper and you are also not a TV so do not show me videos how can you even show me videos on a PAPER this is not harry potter.  So it is pointless to shoot a video if you are spec and, hey guess what, THEY ARE  So probably they want to do it just because they enjoy these sorts of things for a kick out of it. it is expected to be raunchy and other stuff not worth mentioning because we are too high class to discuss that here. Well i will not endorse or condone it, and I will not condemn it explicitly I would just ask “What would Jesus say?”


3 Responses to “Spec plans to film “lascivious” photo shoot”

  1. The Shady Knee Says:

    Jesus would say “the spéc sucks” and then maybe use a hash tag since that is the kind of thing the spec would do just to be ironic, and jesus is playing it straight. so about this photo shoot i think it is a ploy by the CUCR (they have done this in the past) to show extreme hyperliberal (féminazi?) things to scare the moderates into voting for romney. either way it’s four more years of spéc. shoudn’t they have elections or something? that’s like an oligarchy or something. except with worse writing.

  2. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    Spectator thinks they are Harry Potter but they are not because Harry Potter is ok and the spec is bad.

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