CCSC Election Board Reveals Double Standard, BwogSpec helps to cover up

After specsucks broke the biggest election scandal since nixon  on the fifth of april 2012, we were shocked by the lack of response.  Spec of course didn’t cover the issue, bwog of course didn’t cover it but even publications we like like the columbia political review did not cover it.  It was clear there is a cover up, because who will watch teh watchmen so nobody wants to make the election board mad other wise they will not be elected.  That is like biting the hand that feeds you.  The scandal was not covered by the mainstream columbia media, and once again criminals got away with it.  Now if you recall, the specific issue was that the election board refused to inforce the rules regarding poster quotas and indorsements.  Well why dont you just take a look at bwog where just today they think they are “breaking” a story about election board corruption.  SHUT UP BWOG I BEAT YOU TO IT

today is  23 so DO THE MATH this is AT LEAST 18 days PLUS THE MONTHS IN BETWEEN that it has already been known to specsucks readers.  So wait, but they tell you that it is not the scandal?  they are saying that the problem is that they are inforcing the rules.  WELL WHAT RULE? it is the same rule they didnt inforce before well what you ask is the difference between now and then well the difference is that one of the candidates was hand selected by the spec to win, and the other one wasnt.  The only difference is what spec wanted to happen.  This is bullshit of the highest order and I DEMAND ANSWERS.

Do you see how bwogspec just spoon feeds you the truth whereas specsucks will give you the truth the hole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god!

One Response to “CCSC Election Board Reveals Double Standard, BwogSpec helps to cover up”

  1. Leroy Jenkins Says:

    I remember the great day when specsucks broke this news. This event was one of the great story’s that proves specsucks is not just a hate blog, but an organization detiticated to the removal of two faced corruption from the wonderful university of Columbia, and maybe the whole world.

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