Spec is greedy

Hey I was accidentally on the spectator website yesterday. andI saw that they are asking me for money  what is the nerve of these people that they think i want to give them my money. MY PARENTS EARNED IT DOING WORK why dont you do some work if you want some money rather then  taking MY MONEY.  UNTIL YOU are responsible for your self you do not ask me to give away the money i was told to use for SCHOOL.  spec you are not a school if you go into spec the only thing you learn is that they are dumb.  Spec you are more greedy then the NFL refs except at least they can referee a game but you probably don’t even know how a football works.  This is the sort of bullshit ENTITLEMENT that I am sick of we are not in a socialist country how about we have some personal liberty without me having to pay for your FAILURES.  Also I wouldn’t donate to bwog if they asked me.


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