Spec is making us work overtime

Well usually i do not have to update about DUMB SPEC unless there is important news but here at specsucks there is lots that has happened.  WEll #1 most is that spec is releasing all their old articles.  This is finally the chance to PROVE that spec is dumb and always has been dumb.  Which is why today we are introducing a SPECIAL edition of specsucks which will continue to run called “SUCKING THROUGH HISTORY: A HISTORY OF THE SPEC” where we examine historical spectators and show how they sucked then too.

For our inagural issue we are covering an article from November 21 1978 issue of the spec, on page 5, titled “Anglophiles Paradise”, by Francis Connoly.  Well, todays your unlucky day, francis.  First of all what kind of a name is francis are you France or what lol?

First of all what a stupid title why do you have to use a big word like anglophile any way i looked it up it just means ENGLISH LOVER so why don’t you say that?  oh yeah, because you want to be elitist.  Nice going spec.  So what is the article about any way it is just about a STORE which is british.  That is really special.  WELL GUESS WHAT?!?! THERE ARE LOTS OF BRITISH PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES AND SOME OF THEM OWN SHOPS!!!  I do not care about this british shop just because it is british.  The only thing I have learned from this article is that the store sells british things which I already KNEW because it is a BRITISH STORE, so I havent learned ANYTHING. I CAN NOT TELL IF THIS IS JUST AN ADD OR A STUPID ARTICLE. Plus this is not anything I could not know by just GOING THERE MYSELF it is 1978 not thestone ages.  and then to top it off there is a DUMB PHOTO.  That is the type of crappy photo I could see on GOOGLE STREET VIEW(tm).\

And that is the end of our first full length article from this series.

And second there was a video from spectrum which we have to respond to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahSjGqIARVA   Obviously there is too much to even begin to talk about but I would just like to point out how hegemonic the spec is.  notice how only two people have the Macbook Pro.  Elitists.  Also do not think I dont notice when you cant spin your chair around.  Spec this reminds me the time that I drank a berry 5-hour energy and it was GRAPE flavored.  Get your shit together 5-hour energy grape is not a berry.

5 Responses to “Spec is making us work overtime”


  2. glad to see you get back to your roots, specsucks! this is a good one.

  3. the spec has sucked and sucks and always will be sucking, isnt that like a record or something

    just think about it…we might be 100 years old and spec will still suck. actually that worries me, after you graduate, who will take over the reins of specsucks??

    • I think there are deep philosphical implications of this because one would think that survival of the fittest would kill off spec but they are still around do not worry about specsucks, we are more than just an individual we are a whole shadowy web of spies and organization when any one individual graduates you will not even notice a difference. However, this does remind me that we are not sure if we have you on the record as being a specsucks informant since you also hate SPECT then you should email thecloakedmask@gmail.com if you havent already

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