Dont exspect the spect

An astute commenter (much more astute than the commenters over at the spec)  has commented on specsucks this commenter commented that there is information on spectrum which is that there is finally spec admits that they are socialist and that they suck.  This is step 1 of my 14 step plan which I have not yet written to eliminate spec  so it is brought a metaphorical tear to my non-metaphorical eye.   as you can see i am very confused by these emotion.  I do not know what to say to spec.
In other news, today I poped a blood blister on my foot and then i realized that i do not have any tissues near by but luckily there was a copy of the spect (do not worry i do not read spec i was just disecting it for scientific purposes) and it is very absorbidant.  take that, spec.


Write a comment to show how the spec sucks.

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