Spec ignores obvious “make love to an elder” implications

In an article which surely will be placed in the spec archives the spec once again jumps the shark. they say they are journalists but how can you do an entire feature length story on an event called “love an elder day” without investigating the implication that that columbia students should prepare to invade the bedrooms of our vulnerable elderly population.  anyone with half a brain can see it is there… Let me read you some quotes:

McGrattan said that he takes notice of elderly people around Columbia

A lot of elderly people need love…

[columbia students] should learn to understand what motivates elderly people

“giving back for intangible things” is part of the appeal for the young volunteers.

I was reading this and i was like COME ON.  At some point you have to ask them the question “You guys aren’t actually promoting columbia students to have sex with elderly people, are you?”  I mean the sign on broadway bus stop that says “love an elder” and shows an old grandma and a strapping young columbia lad (who perhaps coincidentally bears a striking resemblance to Spec Publisher Alex Smyk) in a slightly more-than-friendly embrace has to tip you off and you can ask at least once to an anonymous interview “how many senior citizens have you had sexual intercourse with in the past year?”.  But hte point is that spec doesnt care about getting to the truth.  I think that it would be dispicable if Love an Elder day was indeed an organization to promote sexual predation upon senile elderly victims and if that were the case, then the spec is doing an equally despicable job of covering this up through their incompitence to make the obvious harold-and-maud  implications.  I am not saying this is true but if it is then this is an example of how specs negligence is not only bordering on criminal but is sexually perverted and depraved.  Here at specsucks we would never lovingly caress an elderly alzheimers victim while we untie his hospital gown and gently fondle him.


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